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Fourth of July in Glacier National Park

The glorious mountain peaks and vast expanses of untouched wilderness that visitors to Glacier National Park each year are certainly a reason to celebrate our freedom and independence. What better place to do so than, here, the home of many majestic bald eagles, the very symbol of American freedom. With four lodge rooms and twenty-six […]

Glacier National Park Rx Day

Glacier National Park, in conjunction with the Summit Medical Fitness Center, will host several activities at the Lake McDonald Lodge Parking Area from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Sunday April 29th. Rangers will be on site to offer free blood pressure screenings and answer questions about the park. Fitness experts from the Summit will provide trekking poles to demo, an outdoor scavenger […]

Top 5 Best Hotels Near Glacier National Park

Historic Tamarack Lodge & Cabins Situated in a scenic mountain valley in the midst of the Montana Rockies, the Historic Tamarack Lodge & Cabins embodies a classic ambiance with modern amenities for a year-round getaway in the Crown of the Continent. Originally constructed in 1907, the lodge maintains its rustic charm with a log cabin design, […]

How To Get To Glacier National Park

Located in the Northwest corner of Montana, close to the USA border with Alberta and British Columbia, there are several ways you can travel to the park.  There are plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure along the way, should you so chose, or you can make the trip as direct as possible and spend […]

Glacier National Park Couples Getaways

We have a selection of lodging options available for couples to get away from it all.  Snuggle up around the fireplace in the lodge when you chose one of our lodge rooms, pick a Couple’s Cabin or one of our brand new Northfork or Southfork Cabins for a little more ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ privacy.  

Beyond Glacier National Park

We wish each and every one of our guests a warm and wonderful holiday season. We are grateful for the stories you have shared with us and the memories you have helped us to make of our little business and this beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey! […]

Glacier National Park Cabins

The archetypal ‘cabin in the woods’ is synonymous with retreat from the world-at-large and, with recent events in Las Vegas, I would venture to guess that many of us are asking the important questions about life and re-examining our purpose and direction. Our corner of Montana has many residents who originated from out of state […]