Father’s Day has been a national holiday in the USA since the 1970’s.  But did you know that the very first Father’s Day was actually a one-time event held in 1908 to remember the lives of men lost in a West Virginia coal-mining disaster?  The following year, the daughter of a widower (one of six children raised by him), took on the task of establishing the equivalent of the Mother’s Day holiday for their male counterparts.  This was met by some resistance by men who thought the idea too sentimental, and also by those who believed it to be a commercial enterprise.  Nevertheless, Washington State adopted the idea and held the first statewide Father’s Day in 1910 and it was President Richard Nixon who declared it an official holiday in 1972.

Glacier National Park is paradise for Dad – whether he’s into fishing, hiking or enjoying the taste of the local brewers and distilleries. If your Dad is no longer with you in person, the mountains and forests are a great place to honor his memory and get in touch with your spiritual side without the distractions of everyday life.

Come on in and introduce us to your Dad, or share your favorite stories of him with us.  We’ll give every Father a free beer of their choice on us with their meal out of love and respect for all that our Dads and father-figures have done to shape us, support us and guide us through life’s peaks and valleys.

We couldn’t do it without you.

(thanks to https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/fathers-day for the info!)


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