We have a selection of lodging options available for couples to get away from it all.  Snuggle up around the fireplace in the lodge when you chose one of our lodge rooms, pick a Couple’s Cabin or one of our brand new Northfork or Southfork Cabins for a little more ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ privacy.

The Northfork & Southfork


The Antelope Cabin

We wish each and every one of our guests a warm and wonderful holiday season. We are grateful for the stories you have shared with us and the memories you have helped us to make of our little business and this beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

We love to keep in touch with all your news and adventures on Facebook but, honestly, its not the same as a leisurely evening around the campfire.

How about a catch-up in 2018?

Have you hiked in Jewel Basin yet? Kayaked on the Hungry Horse Reservoir? Scaled Great Northern?

These are all outstanding ‘second-time’ experiences that are not to be missed. Arguably even more beautiful than Glacier National Park, just as close in location to us and less well-known (so fewer crowds).


We know it, there’s just too much to do! The most common thing we hear from guests is that they wish they could stay longer.  Sooo…to help with that, we are offering discounted weekly rates so that guests can take the time to extend their stay and explore beyond Glacier.  And, we built four new cabins so more of you can visit at once!

Quick recap… discounted rates for longer stays, so much more still to see and do, and more cabins to try.

Star is on tenterhooks waiting for you to say YES!