The archetypal ‘cabin in the woods’ is synonymous with retreat from the world-at-large and, with recent events in Las Vegas, I would venture to guess that many of us are asking the important questions about life and re-examining our purpose and direction.

Our corner of Montana has many residents who originated from out of state – you would think that their reasons for moving here would be as diverse as their former lives yet, there is a common theme heard over and over when asked how they ended up in this area.  They were at a crossroads, needing healing from trauma in their lives, to slow down and experience the important things that should not be taken for granted (but so often are in our crazy-busy lives).

We appreciate that not everyone can pull roots and move their lives like many of us have been able to do, so one of our goals at the Historic Tamarack Lodge and Cabins is to provide a taste of this to all our guests passing through.  We provide the cabin, the woods and the hospitality.  We let Glacier National Park and nature do the rest.

Are you feeling that pull to come home to your Self?  We have twenty-six different cabins all waiting to welcome you, all year long. Big cabins, little cabins, historic cabins, new cabins, cabins with balconies overlooking the forest, cabins with decks overlooking the mountains, cabins with sunset views.

Take a train, plane or automobile and come visit with us.  Just leave your troubles behind.