Spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt at the Tamarack

historic tamarack lodge wood pile

Happy Halloween to all you ghouls and goblins! In honor of the spooky holiday, we’ve put together a little scavenger hunt (just for fun) of some secret spots around our property. We tell our guests about the bar and the beaver ponds—and Star the Llama, of course—but there are plenty of hidden corners to seek out. Follow these clues and see what you can discover! And don’t worry—there are no tricks. Only treats.

1. Search our library for more than just knowledge—you’ll find the prize in a very special book. The lodge in miniature brings searchers from near and far to hunt for this volume’s bounty.

2. We have cabins big and small, and then some even smaller…See if you can find accommodation suited for our most petite guests. You never know just who will be staying in one of our cozy cottages!

3. My brothers and sisters live in the gift shop, but I stay on the wall to observe the goings-on at the lodge. I may seem like a normal resident, until you look a little closer at what’s between my antlers and my toes.

4. If it’s adventure you seek, this is the place to start. From dog sleds to whitewater, we have what you need to turn the page on fun. Search for this resource and fill every Montana moment with excitement.

5. Look up at the walls and down at the desk to spy untold directions. Whether inside the park or out, with me you’ll never get lost.

6. Wherever you walk, look up. Silhouetted against the sky you’ll spy the homes of other lodge residents! They stay here in summer and head to points south in winter.

7. The only riddle here is why you aren’t snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire right now. We have coffee—or something stronger—and blankets to keep you warm, satellite TV and board games to keep you entertained. What more could you wish for on a chilly Montana night? Where is this?

To find the answers to these seven riddles, head over to the Historic Tamarack Lodge Facebook and give us a like—we’ll be posting the solutions to these puzzlers on our page.