The Middle Fork of the Flathead River is a rafter’s paradise—wild rapids during spring runoff season, and scenic and relaxing floats with the chance to spot wildlife all season long. The river runs along the southern border of Glacier National Park, home to wildlife and rugged landscapes.

And the best part about a whitewater rafting trip? Between wetsuits, spray jackets, and splashing waves, weather doesn’t matter, because you’re going to get wet either way! Whether in sun or rain, a great trip is a sure thing.

Wild River Adventures will pick you up from the lodge and shuttle you to their offices and then bring you back to relax in your room or cabin at the end of an adventurous day.

The trip starts a half hour before your departure time when you arrive at the raft company office to suit up. Wild River Adventures provides you with all the equipment you need—if it’s a chilly day in early season, that means wetsuits, neoprene booties, fleeces, and waterproof jackets, not to mention a helmet, life jacket, and paddle, of course! Later in the season and on hot days, it pays to wear shorts and shoes that strap securely to your feet. Wild River takes safety seriously, the only raft company in the area that requires every person on the trip to wear helmets.

After you’re dressed and ready, a shuttle takes you onward to the put-in, a secluded spot on the Middle Fork beyond West Glacier. Once the boat is in the water, your guide will go over safety and paddling basics, and then you’re off! Enjoy rapids with names like Jaws, Pinball, and Splashed in the Face (just kidding, we made that last name up, but you’re definitely going to get splashed in the face!).

Paddle into West Glacier and catch the shuttle back to the lodge for an evening of Montana relaxation!

Book your raft trip online with your room reservation and build your personalized dream vacation.