3 secret spring hikes in Glacier National Park

April brings a whole lot of new green leaves and trails that shed their coverings of snow. Put a spring in your step this season and gear up for fitness with these three often-overlooked hikes in Glacier National Park!

Apgar Lookout

Snow is off the trail, and the air is crisp on this steep climb. A 10-mile round trip when the road to the trailhead is still closed (click here for park road statuses), the Apgar Lookout hike leads to views with big payoffs. As you climb, enjoy views over the newly-green forest recovering from the Robert Fire of 2003. At the top, soak in the views of the lake and mountains of the park as only birds usually can see.

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Cars can go to Lake McDonald Lodge, but how far can pedestrians go on the Going-t0-the-Sun? Answer: as far as your legs can take you. On weekends and after the plows are done for the day, visitors have free range to hike and explore along the Going-to-the-Sun Road and the trails along it as far as they please. Click here for road status.

Lake McDonald West Shore

The trail that stretches along the west side of the lake reaches 7 miles one way, but you can take this level trail as far or as short as your spring legs can handle, taking in the forested views of the shoreline and mountain range that rises to Logan Pass and beyond. Park at Fish Creek Campground and head out for a mellow day of relaxing strolling. Get a sneak peak at activity in the Glacier Park Boat Company sheds as the trail winds by.