Spring is an often-overlooked season here in Northwestern Montana, but here at the Historic Tamarack Lodge, we embrace it in all its glory. And it’s easy to see why!

The snow begins to melt, leaving pale green shoots pushing up through the ground. The smell of fresh wood stain and sun-warmed logs perfumes the air as a flurry of activity begins to get the property ready for summer.

Spring is the time for updates and redesigns (this year, our Bison, Antelope, and Griz Cabins are all getting facelifts, along with our front desk remodel!). But even though everything is in the height of change in spring, some things stay the same.

We cherish the history in each plank and pebble on the property, exploring the ways we can showcase these as the experience for our guests and ourselves. As snow drifts melt, you can find the details of days gone by laid bare to enjoy. The air is clear, the views crystalline, forgotten trails exposed for exploring.

The trail to the beaver pond behind the property is free of snow, ready for an evening stroll. Animals are out and about in the warm air (including our intrepid friends the mosquitos, easily deterred with a healthy coat of bug repellent), and sunsets are rosy on the shifting clouds.

Come by to see history and spring transformations together at the Historic Tamarack Lodge & Cabins. Click here to reserve a spring stay!